how Wright tow page or one page Resume

Capability:·        Honesty in work field.
·        Communicate with other easily.
·        Capable to work in under pressure.
·        Self-driven confident.
·        Communicate to assign job and tried to complete in due time.
·        Always believe in learning and development.
Under See 6 style CV
Every Curriculum vitae have some different or special
Example : 1

Career Objective:

Looking for a brilliant and challenging career in the corporate world that will give me the opportunity for growth and development strong sense of responsibility, efficiency and willingness to learn and where I will able to apply all the knowledge and skill that I have gathered. 
 Example :2
Career Objective
To serve an organization where, I can devote my full effort to achieve the goal of the organization, to take job with great sense of responsibility to enjoy the challenge of new situation and to be expert to make positive contribution to the position.
Example :3
Career Objective :  
Seeking a quality environment and challenge career where my innovative and creative skills, Knowledge and thought resources are used to optimum potential for all pervasive development and enrichment of the organization.  I work and self as well.
Example: 4
Career Objective
I would like to build up my career in well-known organization through using my creatively, efficiency and hard working, so that my respective organization can achieve it's goal in the circumstances of the challenge and competition. I always prefer as opportunity for buildup myself.


Very simple under ssc  & non experience. HD 1095x1578

Non experience & graduate  Medium Level CV.  HD 1095x1578  

Non experience & graduate  Running apply for jobs. HD 1152x1692
some different type CV, with Freelance

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